Sunday, July 8, 2012

Due date May 17, 2013

I guess I am updating this thing annually......I am not a very good blogger. I have a little less than a year to accomplish everything on my list. I have a let a few things go (the weekly/monthly ones). Some goals are very much still important to me, and I hope to accomplish them. The weekly and monthly goals are important in helping the relationships in my life. I still need to pay attention to these relationships even this far into project. Over the past year, I have completed some goals. I have cleaned the basement and Jason has worked some towards finishing it. I have pulled the weeds in the backyard and we planted a garden this year. We planted strawberries, zucchini, jalapeƱo peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and corn. So far the only thing we have gotten is a zucchini. Earlier this year we went to Ohio to visit Jason's family and we just returned this weekend from our trip back home to Florida. I of course stayed at the beach which I love! Mikayla played in the sand once, but other than that was horrified by the ocean. She thought it was way too loud. I made it through 3 weeks of the c25k program. Running a 5 k and doing a trianthlon are still major goals of mine. The triathlon I want to do is next summer so I will need to extend this deadline a little bit. Mikayla has been taking a ballet/tumbling class since the beginning of the year. She loves dancing. I haven't signed her up for a true gymnastics class but she will start tap in the fall. I will look into a gymnastics class at that time. There has been a ton of changes at my work and I think the door is opened to me to telecommute one day a week. Overall the change is bad, more work for me, no extra money and a quasi loss of a coworker.the working from home is the only positive a could negotiate the soften the blow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

365 day Project - 2010 - COMPLETE!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Jason claims he is now urban. I have tried quite a few restaurants in Atlanta lately.

1) A burrito place by the aquarium.
2) Gyro King
3) Cuban place (need name)
4) Vietnamese restaurants
5) Korean BBQ

We have tried a few new places outside of Atlanta as well.

4) Bar-be-cutie
5) Cherokee Cattle Company
6) Vietnamese
7) Henry's

My nook

I bought a nook not too long ago. I am enjoying reading again. I finished my first book - "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. I am now reading "Deception Point". I really enjoy reading, I don't know why I stopped doing it.

Update - 8/3/11

Since getting my nook, I have read:

1) The Lost Symbol
2) Deception Point
4) Motormouth
5) The Hunger Games
6) Catching Fire
7) Mockingjay
8) Those Who Save Us
9) The Help

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here is my baby girl.......

Believe it or not, this card will help me accomplish a few of my goals. I will be using shutterfly to finish my photo books. I just wonder if I can be motivated enough to finish by December 1 to get 50% off. I am not sure about that....

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