Sunday, July 8, 2012

Due date May 17, 2013

I guess I am updating this thing annually......I am not a very good blogger. I have a little less than a year to accomplish everything on my list. I have a let a few things go (the weekly/monthly ones). Some goals are very much still important to me, and I hope to accomplish them. The weekly and monthly goals are important in helping the relationships in my life. I still need to pay attention to these relationships even this far into project. Over the past year, I have completed some goals. I have cleaned the basement and Jason has worked some towards finishing it. I have pulled the weeds in the backyard and we planted a garden this year. We planted strawberries, zucchini, jalapeƱo peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and corn. So far the only thing we have gotten is a zucchini. Earlier this year we went to Ohio to visit Jason's family and we just returned this weekend from our trip back home to Florida. I of course stayed at the beach which I love! Mikayla played in the sand once, but other than that was horrified by the ocean. She thought it was way too loud. I made it through 3 weeks of the c25k program. Running a 5 k and doing a trianthlon are still major goals of mine. The triathlon I want to do is next summer so I will need to extend this deadline a little bit. Mikayla has been taking a ballet/tumbling class since the beginning of the year. She loves dancing. I haven't signed her up for a true gymnastics class but she will start tap in the fall. I will look into a gymnastics class at that time. There has been a ton of changes at my work and I think the door is opened to me to telecommute one day a week. Overall the change is bad, more work for me, no extra money and a quasi loss of a coworker.the working from home is the only positive a could negotiate the soften the blow.

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