Sunday, August 22, 2010

My List!

1) Clean and organize the garage.
2) Clean and organize the basement.
3) Steam clean carpets.
4) Finish the basement.
5) Mulch the front yard.
6) Remove weeds from backyard and plant a garden.
7) Hang my hammock.
8) Hang the hammock chair.
9) Buy and install a chandelier in the dining room.
10) Organize Mikayla’s play room.
11) New carpet and tile downstairs.

12) Take a bubble bath.
13) Go on a hike.
14) Hike the woods in the neighborhood. (0/10).
15) Complete my learning to play piano book.
16) Learn to play “Fur Elise” on the piano.
17) Go horseback riding.
18) Visit the beach at least 4 times. (0/4)
19) Go snorkeling.
20) Become scuba certified.
21) Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
22) Watch “Gone with the Wind”.
23) Read at least 20 books (0/20).
24) Buy a pair of shoes.
25) Drink a glass of wine.
26) Go to the movies.
27) Get a manicure/pedicure.
28) Try 10 new restaurants (0/10).
29) Complete a sprint triatholon.
30) Complete the Couch to 5K program and run a 5k.
31) Complete list of 100 things that make me happy.
32) Attend a Gator football game.
33) Visit friends in Gainesville.
34) Get a Rita’s Italian Ice.
35) Improve my posture.
36) Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years.
37) Go tubing down a river.
38) Get a physical (I haven’t had one in my adult life).
39) Lose 10 pounds.
40) Talk with Taylor and Tori at least once a month - (0/33).
41) Take a personal day from work by myself.
42) Take out my flute and/or piccolo and play again (0/10).
43) Start using the gym in the basement (0/50).

44) Pay off credit cards (0/7).
45) Put $1000 in savings account.
46) Stick to a budget.
47) Improve credit score.
48) Start a college savings fund for Mikayla.
49) Increase savings for retirement.

My Husband
50) Spend at least one night a week with Jason (after Mikayla goes to bed).
51) Go on a date.
52) Play Warcraft.
53) Surprise him.
54) Buy him something he has been wanting but won’t buy for himself.
55) Spend a day together alone (work day).

56) Have another baby (or be pregnant, or okay with a decision to not have anymore)
57) Go to the fair.
58) Go to the zoo.
59) Go to the aquarium.
60) Go to Disney World.
61) Go on a vacation with Jason, Mikayla, Taylor and Tori.
62) Go on a cruise.
63) Teach Mikayla to swim.
64) Take Mikayla to a gymnastics class.
65) Visit Ohio at least 2 times (0/2).
66) Make sure Mikayla sees Jason’s dad (0/2).
67) Do something to honor Louie’s memory.
68) Visit Louie’s grave.
69) Write a letter to Mikayla for her to open when she is 18.
70) Go camping.
71) Go fishing.
72) Go out on a boat.
73) Write a will.
74) Help Mikayla to sttn consistently – although I will miss hearing “mama” over the baby monitor.
75) Potty train Mikayla.
76) Hang up Mikayla’s growth chart, add pictures and update heights, update height monthly.

77) Make positive change in employment.
78) Take a GIS course.
79) Complete all required continuing education to renew my AICP certification.
80) Be able to telecommute one day per week.

81) Complete my 365 project.
82) Finish Mikayla’s first year photo album.
83) Start and finish Mikayla’s album – Year 2.
84) Make a photo collage for Mikayla’s second year.
85) Make a photo book of 365 project.
86) Be able to take great pictures on manual SOOC.
87) Buy a new lens.
88) Buy a flash.
89) Take a family picture.
90) Take a picture of a butterfly.
91) Take a picture of a hummingbird.
92) Take a picture of a waterfall.
93) Take and frame a wildlife/nature picture.
94) Enter a picture in a contest.
95) Figure out a way to back up all pictures.

96) Take Lenny someplace fun.
97) Take Lenny for a walk at least once a month (0/32).
98) Play with Maverick at least once a week .
99) Clean and stock the saltwater aquarium.
100) Plant around the koi pond.
101) Buy Koi.


  1. I like your list.

    #95-we have all ours saved on an external hard-drive. They don't cost much and have so much space.