Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Number 34 - Rita's Italian Ice

It may not be a big deal - but I completed number 34 of my list. I had a meeting today by Rita's Italian Ice. I didn't care if it was going to spoil my dinner, I had to have it. Unfortunately, they didn't have my favorite flavor, chocolate ice with vanilla custard. They did have my second choice - lemon ice with chocolate custard. I used to have a Rita's in my hometown. It was always one of my favorite places and it shut down when I moved away for college. I was sad to know that one of my "must visit" places back home disappeared. When I found out they opened one in my area, I was excited. It isn't located close to anywhere I frequent, so I had never made the time to go. I have been saying I wanted to go for over a year now, and I finally went. I still have to go back though since they didn't have my flavor. It is nice to do something for myself and not feel guilty about spending the money or the extra calories. After all, it is on my list.